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Discover the epitome of elegance in our wide range of condos for sale across Costa Rica. From the serene environment of Lake Arenal to the vibrant Caribbean coast, each region offers a unique charm. In the North Pacific, find condos that offer stunning ocean views and luxury living. The Central Pacific region is perfect for those seeking a blend of excitement and peace, with properties near lively towns and tranquil beaches. 

The South Pacific is ideal for those who cherish natural beauty, offering condos that blend seamlessly with the environment. The Central Valley, the heart of Costa Rica, provides a balance of urban sophistication and natural splendor. These condos combine modern amenities with the country’s rich, diverse landscape. 

Explore Costa Rica’s finest condos, where comfort meets luxury in breathtaking settings. 

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Costa Rica Condos For Sale By Region

Nortth Pacific Costa Rica - Condos for Sale - CRRVP

North Pacific Costa Rica Condos for Sale

Step into a lifestyle of elegance on the North Pacific’s Gold Coast, where condos provide a gateway to miles of pristine beaches and azure waters. Renowned for its luxurious living and vibrant expat community, this region offers a blend of relaxation and social vibrancy. Indulge in the Gold Coast, a prime destination for those seeking the quintessential coastal retreat.

Find your slice of paradise in Guanacaste, where the condos are as breezy as the lifestyle. With access to some of Costa Rica’s most renowned surf spots and national parks, this area is perfect for the adventurous spirit and the serene soul alike, offering a community where life’s pace is determined by the waves and the whisper of the wind..

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Central Pacific Costa Rica Condos for Sale

Immerse yourself in the Central Pacific’s rich tapestry, where condos offer panoramic ocean views and doorstep access to white-sand beaches. This region is a haven for nature enthusiasts and beachgoers alike, offering a vibrant mix of leisure and adventure. Live where every sunset is an event and the local wildlife is part of your neighborhood.

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Central Valley Costa Rica Condos for Sale

Embrace the heart of Costa Rica with a condo in the Central Valley, where urban vitality meets lush tropical landscapes. Enjoy access to top-tier healthcare, shopping, and cultural experiences in a climate that’s spring-like year-round. Each condo offers a unique vista of mountain ranges or city skylines, promising a lifestyle that blends modern conveniences with natural beauty.

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