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Farms and ranches for sale in Costa Rica can be found in every region. Agriculture is a major industry. There are many vegetable and fruit farms growing pineapples, bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, papayas, yucas, carrots, cabbages, onions, and potatoes just to mention a few. The two major ports on the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts make exporting easier. There are also a lot of ranches in Costa Rica populated with horses, cows, goats, and various other types of livestock. Farms and Ranches are popular with both foreigners and locals alike. You will find them in the North Pacific, Central Pacific, South Pacific, Central Valley, Caribbean Coast, and Lake Arenal. Browse all Costa Rica Farms and Ranches below or see the links for regions.
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Costa Rica Farm & Ranches For Sale By Region

North Pacific Farm and Ranches Costa Rica - CRRVP

North Pacific Costa Rica Farm & Ranches for Sale

The North Pacific region of Costa Rica offers exceptional opportunities for those with various aspirations. Whether you’re looking for a small piece of land to fulfill your dream of living close to nature and being active, or you’re a savvy investor seeking a farm venture in cattle, agriculture, or ranching, this region has it all. 

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Central Pacific Costa Rica Farm & Ranches for Sale

Located in close proximity to the International Airport and offering easy access to the Caldera Marina, Central Pacific Costa Rica offers a wide array of opportunities for those seeking substantial parcels of land for purposes such as agriculture or the exportation of various products. Additionally, it caters to individuals desiring a smaller farmstead, enabling them to embrace a more nature-centric lifestyle. 

Within the Central Pacific region, numerous smaller land packages are available to meet the diverse needs of prospective buyers. Whether you seek vast expanses of land or a more modest plot, Central Pacific is likely to rank highly in your considerations. Stretching from Orotina to the Pacific, in proximity to Jaco Beach and along the coastal area, you will discover options that align with your specific requirements. 

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Souht Pacific Costa Rica - Farm & Ranches - CRRVP

South Pacific Costa Rica Farm & Ranches for Sale

Nestled in the stunning South Pacific region of Costa Rica, this area presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking farmland and ranches. Whether you are a seasoned farmer or a newcomer to agricultural ventures, the South Pacific offers a diverse range of properties perfectly suited for your needs. 

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Central Valley Costa Rica Farm & Ranches for Sale

Explore the heart of Costa Rica in the Central Valley. This region, renowned for its fertile landscapes, offers an array of opportunities for both seasoned investors eyeing profitable agricultural ventures and those desiring a serene, nature-connected retreat. Here, you can find vast ranches for ambitious projects or smaller plots, perfect for individuals aspiring to live harmoniously with nature as a gentleman farmer. Dive into the authentic Costa Rican experience, and ensure your venture aligns with your vision in the Central Valley.

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Lake Arenal Costa Rica Farm & Ranches for Sale

Lake Arenal in Costa Rica is a versatile destination that caters to diverse aspirations and lifestyles. It provides an ideal retreat for those seeking retirement in Costa Rica, with small farms offering a tranquil escape from city life amidst the serene backdrop of the lake, volcano, and mountains. For aggressive investors, the region presents opportunities for income generation through agriculture, be it permaculture or conventional farming, leveraging the fertile land and favorable climate for financial growth. Additionally, the area is perfect for individuals passionate about ranching, with properties in the Lake Arenal region providing the space and infrastructure for livestock and animal husbandry. Whether retiring, investing for prosperity, or embarking on ranching adventures, Lake Arenal beckons with its breathtaking beauty, inviting individuals to realize their dreams in the embrace of Costa Rica’s natural splendor. 

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