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Costa Rica’s varied landscapes. From the tranquil shores of Lake Arenal to the vibrant Caribbean coast, each region offers its own unique living experience. In the North Pacific, find homes that blend modern comforts with stunning ocean views. The Central Pacific is a hub for those who appreciate proximity to cultural landmarks and pristine beaches.

Venture to the South Pacific for homes nestled in lush, unspoiled nature, offering a serene living environment. In the Central Valley, the heart of the country, experience a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Each region, with its distinct charm, caters to diverse lifestyles and preferences. 

Explore our collection of homes across these regions and find your perfect Costa Rican retreat. Embrace the beauty, culture, and tranquility of each unique locale. 

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Costa Rica Homes For Sale Countrywide

Caribbean Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Discover the untouched paradise of Caribbean Costa Rica, where pristine beaches meet lush rainforests. Our curated selection of homes for sale offers a unique blend of tranquil beachfront living and vibrant local culture. From the serene shores of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca to the unspoiled beauty of Cahuita, each property promises a gateway to Costa Rica’s most picturesque and culturally rich region. Explore our exclusive listings to find your dream home in this tropical haven, a perfect fusion of luxury and nature’s splendor.

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North Pacific Costa Rica - Homes for Sale - CRRVP

North Pacific Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Venture into the heart of the North Pacific, where the radiant Costa Rican sun gilds the expansive beaches and the ocean hugs the horizon. Our selection of beautiful homes for sale captures the perfect balance of luxury oceanside living with the area’s energetic essence. From the sunlit coasts of Tamarindo to the private havens of Playas del Coco, each listing is a gateway to the region’s most lively and radiant locales. Browse our listings to locate your dream residence in this coastal wonder, a place where indulgence meets the natural beauty of Costa Rica’s spirited North Pacific.

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Central Pacific Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Explore the dynamic splendor of the Central Pacific, where the sparkling Costa Rican coastline harmonizes with lush, verdant landscapes. Our selected homes for sale present a diverse array of tranquil oceanfront retreats and lively community hubs. From the vibrant shores of Jaco to the pristine retreats of Manuel Antonio, each home offers a passage to Costa Rica’s most exhilarating and scenic coastal region. Investigate our beautiful listings to uncover your dream dwelling in this enchanting locale, where the opulence of modern living blends with the majesty of nature’s artistry.

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South Pacific Costa Rica Homes for Sale - CRRVP

South Pacific Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Embark on an adventure to the South Pacific, where Costa Rica’s coastlines whisper tales of serenity and splendor. Our homes for sale span from the tranquil beaches of Uvita to the vibrant communities of Dominical, Ojochal, Tinamaste, and San Isidro, offering a variety of lush, coastal sanctuaries. Each home provides a gateway to this quiet, yet spirited region, inviting you to a life where nature’s tranquility and adventure converge. Browse our listings to find your dream haven in this paradise, a seamless blend of natural elegance and homely charm.

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Central Valley Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Immerse yourself in the tapestry of Costa Rica’s Central Valley, where quaint towns pulse with life amidst verdant hills and volcanic majesty. Our homes for sale are whispers of this symphony, inviting you to own a piece of paradise. From haciendas adorned with bougainvillea to modern havens overlooking twinkling city lights, each listing unlocks a puerta to endless adventure, where the pulse of the city meets the rhythm of nature, and every day is an ode to pura vida.

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Lake Arenal Costa Rica Homes for Sale

Sail into the serenity of Lake Arenal, where the gentle waters are a backdrop to verdant hills and quiet towns. Our homes for sale range from the charming abodes of Nuevo Arenal to the tranquil retreats by the lake’s shore, presenting a variety of serene, pastoral homes. Each property is a doorway to this peaceful, yet lively area, beckoning you to a life where the calm of the countryside and the thrill of the lake merge. Peruse our listings to locate your perfect home in this rustic retreat, a harmonious blend of down-to-earth beauty and comfortable living.

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