Are you looking for a unique investment opportunity? Look no further than this 1-hectare property located just 20 minutes away from Dominical, Costa Rica. This property offers multiple possibilities with easy access to the many attractions in the area such as Nauyaca Waterfall, Diamante Valley, Playa Dominical, and San Isidro. It’s a great opportunity to jump into the growing community near Dominical and take advantage of the rental market. Let’s explore what this property has to offer!

This Property Has It All

The property comprises of a duplex with two one-bedroom apartments, a two-bedroom home, and an eight-bedroom hotel with three rooms ready for rental. There is also a brand-new pool area, two cabins, and an open-air pavilion that could be turned into another full unit for rental. A year-round stream borders the property and there is abundant private well-providing water to the property. Currently, all units operate on both long-term and short-term rental markets in this growing community near many attractions such as Nauyaca Waterfall, Diamante Valley, Playa Dominical, and San Isidro.

Investment Potential

This unique property offers plenty of potential for investors looking to capitalize on the short-term and long-term rental markets in the area. With its diverse range of structures – from one-bedroom apartments to eight bedrooms hotels – investors can easily find tenants while enjoying potential profits from both short-term rentals (such as Airbnb) or long-term leases. Further potential can be found in turning some of these buildings into restaurants or shops which will add extra charm to this beautiful property while boosting its potential profits even more.

A Year-Round Stream; Abundant Water Supply

A year-round stream borders this 1-hectare property providing ample amounts of fresh water throughout the year. On top of that, there is an abundant private well that provides water to all units within the property making it easier for investors to manage their daily operations without worrying about water supply issues or restrictions due to seasonal changes or other external factors like lack of rainfall during certain times of the year.

This unique 1-hectare property located just 20 minutes away from Dominical offers investors numerous possibilities thanks to its diversity of buildings ranging from one-bedroom apartments all the way up to eight bedrooms hotel units as well as its abundant water supply from both its own private well and year-round stream bordering it. With easy access to nearby attractions like Nauyaca Waterfall, Diamante Valley, Playa Dominical, and San Isidro, this investment opportunity should not be overlooked by anyone looking for an attractive return on their money while enjoying a beautiful slice of paradise in Costa Rica!