Beautiful 5000m2+ lots starting at $105,000 in Atenas
•Lots in this community share a beautiful river with 3 waterfalls and maintained pathways- 3 additional building sites with electric/water utilities, each with fabulous views- large storage area and 55,000 liter underground water tank- paved roads and extensive rain water drainage- electric entrance gate- river with several water falls- hundreds of meters of stone pathways- many flowering plants and fruit trees: bananas, papayas, breadfruit, cacao, avocado, limes, coffee, etc- near Atenas and Palmares- very peaceful location
Los Senderos 2 (LS2 – lot beside existing house) plano: 2-65597-2022 property: 2-622605-000 area: 5,000 m2 ASADA water and electric cables at plantel price: 160,000 USD Los Senderos 3 (LS3 – large upper lot) plano: 2-65596-2022 property: 2-622604-000 area: 12,440 m2 ASADA water and electric cables at plantel, includes large bodega price: 330,000 USD Los Senderos 4 (LS4 – lot closest to the entrance) plano: 2-65595-2022 property: 2-622603-000 area: 3,864 m2 ASADA water and electric cables at plantel price: 110,000 USD