This is the opportunity to buy before the next boom in what will be known as the second coming of Jaco. Jaco Valley is just 5 minutes north of downtown Jaco as a bird flies.

This up and coming community is separated by a small creek named after this new subdivision called Quebrada Bonita. The local municipality has plans to build a bridge over the creek connecting Jaco Valley to downtown Jaco and then it will be a very quick 2 mile commute to town. When talking about government construction plans delays are expected, but the municipality has already acquired land in Jaco Valley, Quebrada Bonita to build a new hospital, so sooner or later it will happen, but the people that buy now before construction begins on the bridge, or the hospital has an opportunity to watch their investment grow along with this exciting new neighborhood.

For now the main access point is off of Highway 34 centrally located between the towns of Herradura, the marina, Los Suenos Resort and golf club, as well as the town of Jaco to the south.

Small 200 m2 lots for sale starting at only $39,000. Lots 265, 320, 402, 403, and 404. Please contact me now, because at this price, these little hidden gems will not last long.

Another bonus living in this area is there is a little beach off the beaten path just on the other side of the river mouth from Jaco known as Monkey Beach located a quick 10 minute bike ride from these lots.