I’m pleased to present you this exclusive property with a privileged location at the entrance of Palmares. Situated on a corner, this property offers great visibility and accessibility, making it a unique opportunity for commercial purposes. With a generous land area of 1198 square meters, this space provides ample room to develop your commercial project.
One of the standout features of this property is its direct and easy access to the highway, positioning it as a strategic focal point for capturing the attention of those traveling to and from the capital city. This proximity to the highway means it’s conveniently connected, attracting a wide audience of potential customers.
Furthermore, its location just 8 minutes by car from San Ramón adds significant value to this property. This proximity to a major urban center adds appeal and convenience to the location, allowing your customers to easily access your services or products. The property is strategically positioned to capitalize on both local traffic and the flow of people moving between different areas.