Apartment in Los Angeles de San Ramon, built a year ago on a 300 square meter lot. The apartment is located on the upper floor and has a total area of 48 square meters. It is designed to allow for the construction of an additional first floor, and all the necessary provisions for the gas system and water heaters are already installed. The facilities have hardly been used, ensuring their good condition and functioning.
Furthermore, materials to finish the exterior ceiling are included, providing an opportunity to personalize and enhance the property’s finishing.
The location of the apartment is in a cold area; however, just one kilometer away, the climate changes to a warmer one. This climatic variation can offer a unique experience for those who enjoy different weather conditions.
The surroundings are perfect for those seeking tranquility and relaxation, as it allows for enjoying panoramic views of the mountains. The location also provides convenient access to the city of San Ramon, which is only 6 kilometers away, offering easy access to services, shops, and other amenities.
In summary, this apartment is ideal for those seeking a peaceful place to rest, with the possibility of enjoying beautiful natural views and a relaxing environment. It also offers the opportunity to expand the property in the future and is equipped with modern facilities for a comfortable lifestyle.