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We pride ourselves not just in finding properties but also in realizing dreams. Whether you’re a local seeking serene retreats, an expatriate with entrepreneurial visions, or someone seeking a mix of both, we’re at your service. Our signature Lifestyle Property Tour offers a customized experience tailored to bring your vision to life amidst the best that Costa Rica offers.

Dating back to 2001, our journey has been marked by countless success stories. Assisting thousands instigating relocating and investing in Costa Rica, our reputation precedes us. Our revamped website is a testament to our dedication, ensuring user-friendly navigation, insightful content, and a vast array of property listings to cater to every aspiration and budget. Whether you’re drawn to the lush tranquility of the Central Valley with its springlike climate or the dynamic opportunities of the Pacific region or Caribbean, CRRVP remains your trusted ally. Dive deep into the world of Costa Rican real estate with us and discover the difference we bring to the table.