Venture into the heart of nature with this expansive property offering endless possibilities. Encompassing the main river “Sierpe,” along with its tributaries and canals, this location is a haven for world-class fishing, bird watching, and immersive nature tourism experiences.

Beginning at the Rio Sierpe, this working cattle ranch spans acres of a natural river delta, creating a habitat for diverse bird species and a range of animals, including sloths, monkeys, caymans, and jaguars.

A natural ridgeline, primarily used for cattle pasture, starts at the edge of the delta lands, rises, and extends throughout the property, providing numerous areas for potential development. From this ridge, soak in 360-degree views of the surrounding pasture lands, river delta, coastal mountains, and beyond.

The land extends from the delta lands to an elevated, forested jungle mountain ridge, offering public road access to the paved road in the Los Mogos area above. The municipality is set to open this access soon, ensuring convenient vehicle access to the property.

The mountain sector features mature forests connected to extensive tracks of primary forest, thriving with wildlife. The protected lands of the Laguna Sierpe, just beyond the ridge, add to the property’s ecological richness. Year-round springs in this area provide clean, fresh drinking water.

Access to the property is possible through the Rio Sierpe and, in the Los Mogos area, via a public road (currently accessible by 4-wheel cycle only).

Whether envisioned as a nature reserve, eco-retreat, secluded retreat, or private ranch, this unique and adventurous property invites your exploration. For further details or inquiries, feel free to reach out and discover the potential that awaits in this pristine wilderness.

Property Features

  • Beach Properties
  • River Access