This incredible property of 10 blocks (70,000 square meters or 7 hectares) is ready for sale.Located in a privileged location, the San Luis Zarcero farm offers a frontage of 200 meters to the street.One of the jewels of this farm is its protected area of approximately 2,000 square meters. Here is the source of drinking water, guaranteeing a fresh and pure supply. In addition, it has a water collection tank that, by gravity, supplies the 20 sections that are on the property.The farm is made of star and brisanta grasses, ideal for animal husbandry and agricultural activities. An exceptional feature of this farm is that it adjoins a river with crystal clear waters. The highlight is that the river water is completely drinkable and safe for the consumption of animals and people. This natural source of water gives you the peace of mind of having a vital resource at all times.Do not miss this opportunity to acquire a farm with great potential and an enviable location. Come and discover everything that the San Luis Zarcero farm has to offer you! Contact us today to schedule a visit and start building your dreams in this natural paradise.