The farm is composed of 561.4481 Acres of land, only 15 minutes away from the Interamericana Highway, at the bridge over the “La Union” river. Public transportation stops by the front of the main entrance of the Property. There are two entrances: the main one through San Pedro, and a secondary Access by Cajon.

There are public services: electricity, telephone service and internet. The entire farm has gravel-covered roads, that permit cars, trucks, and agricultural machinery to move around easily. The farm has a very manageable topography, with small areas with steep inclinations.

The farm possesses large amounts of water for many different uses:

? San Pedro River (goes through the farm)
? Quebrada “La Portalona”
? Quebrada “Agua Buena”
? Quebrada “El Guaro”
? Quebrada “El Cacao”
? Quebrada “Tambor”
? Quebrada “Cherenga”
? Artificial arm of San Pedro River
? Artificially made lagoon, of about 4.94 Acres in extension.

All the different bodies of water allow different irrigation circuits to be established during the critical days of the summer season.

Installed infrastructure includes:

– Gravel-covered roads throughout the Farm, each with a metal gate to control access
– Concrete bridge, at San Pedro River
– Corral
– Main House and 8 houses for workers
– Workshop area for agricultural machinery
– Hydroelectric generator for self-consumption, with dam and feeding pipe. Currently working and generates enough to supply energy for the coffee mill and eventually could also generate to process other products
– Sawmill and carpentry shop.
– Concrete tanks to breed and develop Tilapias
– Wet Coffee Mill (Concrete fruit reception tank and PENAGOS 2500 for 40 fanegas/hour)
– Coffee drying patio 131 x 131 feet (17,161 ft2) with 60% covered with clear plastic roofing
– Dry mill with 2 “drum driers” with its oven and a wooden silo

The main product is coffee. There are 197.68 acres in full production. Secondary products, within the coffee plantation, and in other areas, include:

– Sugar Cane (42 acres)
– Oranges (20 acres)
– Plantains (12 acres)
– Rambután (2.5 acres)
– Bananas
– Mangosteen
– Wood (melina, cedro, amarillón)
– Bee honey

There is a Forest area that has been preserved as the “lung” of the farm. The river borders, have also been kept with rich vegetation in their surroundings.

The Farm is registered at ICAFE as a Coffee Producer, Miller, and Exporter. It is the owner, according to the Brands Registry in Costa Rica, of the “Café don Yoyo” and “Betsú” brands.

A detailed selling memorandum is available upon request.

Property Features

  • Coffee Farm