This beautiful property has everything a person would need and want for a peaceful eco community, get away, retreat or home. It includes coconut and fruit trees, jungle, pastures, running water (500 meters), mountain views, Pacific Ocean views, Approximately 50 acres are for sale about 7 KM from the beautiful beach town of Uvita. A brand new 3 line electric system runs in front of the property along the road from Uvita to the town Socorro.

A small stream runs along the entire lower elevation of the property line all year long for about 500 meters with water so clean we drank directly from the stream. With an elevation of approximately 320 M at the river to 500 Meters at the road you will enjoy a cooler temperature than at the beach and nice breezes most of the time and cooler evenings than near the hot and humid ocean.

There are over 20 coconut trees, 2 mature mango trees and cashew fruit trees that we know of and we have not walked the entire property yet. There is bamboo and many other trees some of them so large 2 men cannot put their arms around them. 3 large trees need to be cut due to damage and these could provide wood for your houses. Along the stream are more of the larger trees with smaller ones covering other areas. Approximately 80% of the land is pasture and 20% wooded. It would be a great property for some reforestation which will produce a significant return on investment (ROI) in 20 years. A mature native hardwood tree at today’s prices could bring over $1000. net to you The land could easily hold 2000+ native hardwoods which would mean over $2 million.

You have incredible views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and the rest is jungle covered mountain views. The mountain views are 80% primary old growth jungle for 270 degree view. There is very little cleared land up in this area and no farming or noise to bother you. I only saw one house on a ridge up on the mountain. This area is beautiful, clean, quiet, pristine, undeveloped and yet close to the beach town of Uvita with all the amenities you could need. This should remain fairly pristine due to the limited access, mountain range spanning more than a 180 degree half circle barrier and large tracks of privately held and protected land by a few eco conscious and protective neighbors.

Property Features

  • Acreage