Discover a harmonious balance of serenity and social vibrancy in our elegantly crafted 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom loft, ideally situated in the enchanting Toucan Valley. Adjacent to the lush jungle, this home is a unique blend of nature’s tranquility and an active, friendly community.

Nature’s Embrace with Ocean Breeze Comfort:

Envision a home where your living space merges with a verdant deck, set against the jungle backdrop. Feel the gentle, cooling ocean breeze that flows through, creating a natural, soothing ambiance. This gentle breeze ensures a comfortable climate year-round, making traditional cooling systems redundant in your tranquil retreat. Fall asleep to the calming sounds of the nearby waterfall and the nocturnal wildlife symphony, promising peaceful nights and restorative mornings.

Community Excellence, Reimagined:

Step into a world of unparalleled community living, with access to: Crystal-Clear Saltwater Pools: Perfect for relaxation or energetic swims. Modern Community Kitchen and Bar: A culinary and social paradise for all residents. Chic BBQ and Lounge Areas: Experience dining and socializing under the stars in style.

Elite Recreational Facilities: Enjoy friendly games at our pool and ping pong tables, or test your agility at our exclusive pickleball court. Magical Outdoor Cinema: Share memorable movie nights in a captivating open-air setting. Active and Social Lifestyle Awaits: Join a community that thrives on shared experiences and social connections.

Participate in:

Revitalizing Yoga Sessions: Begin your day with refreshing yoga surrounded by nature.
Community Dinner Parties: Delight in gourmet meals and form deep bonds with neighbors.
Water Sports and Adventure Exploration: Dive into the beauty of Costa Rica with a variety of water activities.
Diverse Community Gatherings: Engage in a plethora of events, keeping your social calendar full and exciting.

Welcome to Your Serene and Vibrant Sanctuary:

This villa is not just a residence; it’s a passage to a lifestyle where nature’s wonders, luxurious comfort, and community spirit converge. Embrace the Pura Vida way of life, where every day is an exquisite mix of relaxation, adventure, and social interaction. An Invitation to a Unique Lifestyle: We cordially invite you to experience the distinctive lifestyle that Toucan Valley offers.

Visit us to discover not just a new home but a new way of living. Your dream life in a flourishing community, where nature’s breeze adds to the splendor, awaits.

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– Valley View
– Waterfalls
– Mountain View
– Jungle View
– Development
– Pool
– Conservation

Additional Features:

– Mezzanine
– Fully furnished and Equipped
– Screen Deck

Property Features

  • Fully Furnished
  • Pool