San Agustín is one of the most impressive places to be found in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, and not for nothing has it earned the name that all roads lead to San Agustín. A town located just 30 minutes from the city of San Isidro del General and 30 minutes from Uvita, world famous for whale watching.

Between El Ceibo and San Agustín we find this 38-hectare property, at first glance we can admire the plants and scenic beauties it has, a property that at first glance does not expose its impressive and paradisiacal treasures that characterize it.

This property has everything for any tourist or residential development to be 100% successful and absolutely guaranteed. The tranquility and scenic beauty that characterize the area are a perfect complement to the type of land that opens the imagination of any architect to build.

Without a doubt, its impressive Waterfall, called by its owners Catarata Don Quito in honor of its original owner, is the greatest treasure of this farm to be complemented with natural pools and more waterfalls that undoubtedly have their own personality.

And how about a natural adventure park? This property has impressive natural stone walls that any climbing lover would like to take advantage of.

The climate that characterizes the area without a doubt is an almost perfect climate. Due to the location of the Town of San Agustin it is exposed to the sun’s rays and the cool breezes from the mountains.

Surrounded by a town that is characterized by its friendliness and honesty, the property can be reached by car from San Isidro and in a 4×2 vehicle from the Uvita sector, Marino Ballenas National Park. There is only a 9-kilometer section where a 4×2 vehicle is required coming from Uvita, which is planned to be paved soon.

This property, in addition to the waterfalls that can be seen in our photographs, has more than 15 secondary waterfalls, which is why we call it the waterfalls paradise.

The location of the property is 9°15’05.0″N 83°41’59.1″W – Google Maps invites you to explore the full potential of this area by your own means.

Property Features

  • River Access