Want total privacy with the best views and unlimited natural resources? Or do you want to build a homestead with multiple resort, recreational, or spiritual retreat centers where you can escape the coastal heat after a day at the beach?

You choose, this enormous property has everything you need; several springs, dozens of acres to farm, streams, a huge river, views, fruits, wild birds, deer, and boar making this a totally self-sufficient property.

Property Description:

The closest town to this property is Santa Rosa, approx. 4km away with a school, soccer field, stores, and dozens of families living close by. On the farm, there’s an abundance of water in many forms, eight springs, and many creeks, and it’s bordered by a branch from the Angel River which provides clean drinking water to the Buenos Aires and Volcan area below.

The lowest part of the property is 1300 meters, the highest is 1700 meters (1 mile) most of it is in the 1500 range. The entrance to the farm is at the highest point, 1700m.

Clear views of the city of Buenos Aires and the road to the International Park Amistad make this investment a future tourist destination.

Cattle, horses, sheep, llamas, dairy, high-altitude coffee, and hardwood tree farming, are all realities on this huge parcel. Planted years ago, hundreds of mature hardwood trees are ready to harvest to either sell or use to build your own homes, cabins, and meeting halls. The property has a kilometer of public road frontage on the road to Parque Amistad. There’s an internal road that needs some work.

The property has been titled for over 20 years without any liens or mortgages, it is totally clear. The property has several springs, with a self-generating – dual piston self-propelled pump ‘ Arriete’ in Spanish and a 3000-liter tank with a very modest wood cabin we had built for our ranch hand. This could be used to live on the property while you build your dream home, retreat, hotel, or farmhouse.

The city of Buenos Aires and provincial government in partnership with the Del Monte and Electric company provide annual maintenance of the public road leading to the farm.
Small groups of scientists and students arrive every year from various parts of the world to conduct environmental studies on this property.

The City of San Isidro is approximately 1 hour away and has all the modern-day commodities that you need, such as banks, big grocery stores, restaurants, a cinema, and lots of activities to explore!

This wonderful property could all be yours! Inquire today and find out if it fits your dreams!

Alternative option:
The owner would also consider selling a part of the farm, approx 100 acres at $250.000

Property Features

  • Acreage