This farm is in the hills of Uvita and is accessible by 3 roads which makes this jungle property unique. The shortest road is just 25 minutes from Uvita’s town center. The other two roads include the paved roads to San Josecito and San Isidro.
The property is easily accessible with a 4 x 4 (even in the rainy season) and is adjacent to a public road. The farm has an internal road that leads to several building sites.

The main site affords the owner breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean (Playa Hermosa beach) with the valley between them. Spectacular sunsets await during the summer months. You also will enjoy the clouds moving through the surrounding ridges and mountains during the day. The farm’s elevation keeps temperatures cool during the day and night. Rarely if ever will you need air conditioning!

The topography of the farm makes it possible to see the entire property from the main building site. The second building site is located further down the internal road. This site is surrounded by fruit trees and borders the jungle. This view is different than the main site but is equally magnificent. The farm’s soil has been tested and it is some of the best in the entire world for growing most plants, fruit, and vegetables. Additionally, there are a variety of trails (steps and handrails) around the entire property with easy access to the creek, waterfall, and natural spring that is on site. Yes! It has its own natural water source, and it has a water concession. 90% of the property has secondary forest and is surrounded by flora and fauna typical of Costa Rica and its southern zone. In addition, and most importantly, the farm is located next to a massive wildlife preserve belonging to ASANA, an organization that works to conserve, preserve, and restore the region to its natural state.

This will maintain the unique opportunity to be surrounded by nature without having others buy adjacent property. In a nutshell, you will not have neighbors. In addition to having ASANA as a neighbor, the property is located within the “Danta de la Paso” (the Tapir road); a 350-acre wildlife reserve that is part of the Government’s reforestation efforts.

The government’s goal is to allow the animals located in the Osa to traverse the country and move to other cloud forests in Costa Rica, as they did 200 years ago. Why is this jungle property so special for nature lovers? At any given time, you can see 50 different butterflies, 350 different birds, 3 types of primates, dart frogs, 4 types of cats hundreds of other animals! A great place to retire, stay away from the busy world, or enjoy an off-grid living in beautiful Costa Rica!


– Ocean View
– Mountain Valley View
– Waterfall View
– Different types of environments in 1 place
– 90% Jungle Forest
– Easy Access trough all the property
– Fruits Trees
– Water Spring
– Fresh Weather 70/80 F temperature -Natural Building Sites Ready
– Front Public Road
– Electricity at 0.3 miles or Solar Panels system can be used.
– Elevation 3000 ft

Property Features

  • Farm Property