The Hotel Las Anturias is located in the Marina of San Carlos,
province of Alajuela, region of the country that has a
humid tropical climate. It is sought in high volumes by both
international and local tourism

The hotel has 96 rooms in total.

It has 3 thermo-mineral pools, one with a waterfall and one with
natural, 2 jacuzzis, 1 natural sauna bath, lake and ponds with tilapias and
tents, waterfalls, mini golf course, tennis court, trails, viewpoint to the
It has different restaurants and event rooms.
forest with capacity for 500 people.
Orchids with capacity for 70 people
Anthuriums with capacity for 70 people
meeting room with capacity for 12 people
Heliconias, with capacity for 100 people.

LAND AREA: The total land area is 5 (five) hectares.
with 9,679 meters.

CONSTRUCTION AREA: building construction reaches 6,983 meters
square (Rooms, lounges, laundry, Spa, reception, areas
administrative offices, administration house, pool bar, dressing rooms, booth
entrance and 4 pools).
Internal streets and parking 1,150.00 square meters for a total of 8,136.30
square meters of construction.