$485,000, PRICED TO SELL!!!

Pueblo Nuevo is only a 5 minute drive to either Jaco or Herradura. This small town of old world
charm is nestled in the mountains just a couple of miles off the main highway. This property of 115
acres of full growth jungle forest starts at the end of Pueblo Nuevo’s road. As such, electricity is
readily available and a well is ready to go. Even though this is an extremely large parcel, only a small part of the land is suitable and flat enough for construction. The rest of the land can be used for recreation or green space.

The seller had a very profitable and lucrative canopy tour business, and that is currently still the best use of the land. This parcel comprises of a full mountain from one side to the other and the half of another mountain. It is a full valley. Between the 2 valley’s there would make for an impressive canopy tour with 120 meters down from the valley floor. This finca would not be just ideal for re-opening a canopy tour business like no other in the country, but any tourist use … horse tours, advanced 4-wheeler tours, mountain bike trails, butterfly gardens, nature hikes. If you have your heart set on development, even though it is steep and challenging terrain, treehouses or ridge side bungalows would be an option too.

the property is very scenic, comprising 6
acres of flat land that is buildable, full of old woods park with a mountain behind, and river bed in front. Here you have no houses in
sight, just a lovely view of trees including mahogany, cocoa, cenisero, teak and bamboo. Your own
private nature trail will take you from the building site over a hill to jungle further inside your property.
See the map please. The acres I have been describing are a small area at the far left side of the
map where the road ends. This property is enormous. The rest of it is unbuildable as it is
challenging terrain comprised of one and a half mountains. One use of this terrain is as a
protectorate of the many plants and animals which are located here. A contract can be arranged
with Fonafifo, a government agency that pays owners to protect the environment.
Another financial benefit could be derived from charging tour operators in Pueblo Nuevo to allow
horses, people and ATV’s to pass through the property on their way to several waterfalls.
Alternatively, you could give the tours yourself. Because it is at the end of the road next to the
waterfalls and natural beauty advertised, it is in the best possible location, giving you a strong
competitive edge.

GRAN FINCA EN PUEBLO NUEVO,GRAN REDUCCIÓN DE PRECIO DE $990,000 A $485,000, ¡¡¡PRECIO DE VENTA!!! 115 acres de bosque selvático en pleno crecimiento de maderas preciosas y árboles protegidos. El primer 20% de la propiedad a la entrada de la propiedad es edificable, pero el resto es un terreno desafiante. El Vendedor tuvo un tour de canopy muy exitoso allí que fue un negocio muy lucrativo al que le fue muy bien durante años. El mejor uso de esta propiedad sería una propiedad para los amantes de la naturaleza que quieren mucho terreno y privacidad. Otra opción sería hacer lo que hizo el propietario actual y compartir la belleza con todos los visitantes, convirtiéndolo en un parque natural para cabalgatas, recorridos en 4 ruedas, recorridos en canopy y caminatas por la naturaleza. Las finanzas se pueden liberar a pedido para ver el potencial de tenerlo como un negocio

Property Features

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