Price Reduction Alert! The family has decided to lower the price by $20,000, making it a steal at $215,000.

Lately, there has been a growing interest in recognizing the significance of communities. This perspective has prompted me to view this property through a lens. I believe its historical value will appeal to many.

While the prevailing trend in our area has been to modernize these Banana Company Homes by adding cement structures, and tiles replacing wooden windows with aluminium frames and installing tinted glass and air conditioning units this particular home maintains its original charm and character.

Upon reflection my initial impression was that this property could serve as a bed and breakfast establishment. In the past travelers often preferred staying with families over hotels for an affordable and homely experience. This maintained home offers a take on this traditional concept. Not to mention its location. 100 meters away from our local airport with daily flights to San Jose.

The owners have roots in Golfito. Have preserved the essence of this property over the years by maintaining its original features while enhancing its overall appeal. I feel lucky to have had the chance to visit this house and was truly impressed by how well-maintained it is.

The photos capture its beauty. Take a moment to admire the blinds and shutters. It’s a treasure!

Property Features

  • Close to Schools, Shopping and Restaurants