Step into the Château Montage ” a residence located in the captivating region of “Whales Coast” just south of San Jose, Costa Rica. This unique estate harmoniously combines luxury with the splendor of Costa Rica reminiscent of the charm found along the French Riviera and California’s Big Sur coast.

The Vision;
Château Montage stands as a marvel of architecture meticulously crafted to enchant your senses and provide experiences. It seamlessly integrates with its awe-inspiring surroundings featuring manicured gardens teeming with tropical plants.

Catering to Family and Nature;
This welcoming compound embraces the coastline of Costa Rica offering ample living spaces that foster unity and shared moments. The lush gardens and inviting swimming pool create a retreat. Thoughtfully chosen furniture and art pieces steeped in heritage adorn the interiors creating a sense of connection.

Cozy Corners;
Despite offering vistas, this home’s rooms exude intimacy allowing families to personalise their living areas. Whether lounging in the nooks or staying in the guest quarters this residence promises moments.

Seamless Integration, with Nature;
The house harmoniously merges with its surroundings seamlessly blending into nature’s embrace.
The gardens have been carefully designed, allowing the lush jungle to thrive around them creating a peaceful setting.

Advantages of Living in a Casa Chateau Home;
Nestled in the cloud forest this residence reduces the risk of wildfires. Contributes to supporting ecosystems and microclimates thus preserving the natural beauty of the area. The raised platforms of the house offer views of sunsets and ocean storms.

Main Bedroom;
The main bedroom provides views of mountains and oceans. It includes a walk-in closet and expansive glass walls that immerse you in the scenery.

Seamless Indoor Outdoor Living;
The architecture seamlessly merges outdoor spaces enabling you to relish the climate of morning sunlight and sunsets. Emphasis is placed on Costa Rica’s landscape and its natural allure.

This property blends harmoniously with the enchanting surroundings attracting a variety of wildlife. Featuring two guest houses and gardens teeming with birds, this residence is truly distinctive. The living room opens onto the pool area as a reminder that nature coexists, within this space – it’s a spot to savor the enduring beauty of nature.

Château Montage transcends being a home; it represents a serene sanctuary where luxury meets nature’s marvels. Discover a standard of living within this exceptional dwelling.

Property Features

  • Fully Furnished
  • Gated Community
  • Luxury Property
  • Mountain Properties
  • Pool