Nestled amidst the beauty of Costa Rica this exceptional farm presents a unique chance to own a slice of paradise. Encompassing a sprawling area of 350 hectares this property seamlessly combines farmland and enchanting protected forest. The sale encompasses two land parcels; a 50-hectare plot featuring 3.5 hectares of thriving coffee cultivation with the potential, for expansion along with two rustic cabins.

The second parcel spans 300 hectares predominantly comprising protected forest complemented by 5 hectares of farmland (known as "potrero") opening up possibilities for your agricultural ventures. The 50-hectare parcel is titled. The 300-hectare parcel does not have a title registered but all the paperwork is in place to get the property legally registered. The plano is registered and the owner has 100% rights to the property which is all legally documented and registered. The title process has been started which will take about 1 year to be completed.

Key Features:

Thriving Coffee Plantation; Picture waking up to the invigorating aroma of your coffee plantation. With 3.5 hectares adorned by coffee trees, this farm is truly a haven for coffee aficionados. The cool and misty climate, coupled with the soil provides an ideal environment for cultivating top-notch coffee beans. What’s more? There’s a little more room to expand your coffee enterprise here making it an enticing investment prospect.

Thanks to its location in one of Costa Rica’s climates for coffee cultivation this farm has earned accolades for its coffee quality. The perfect combination of temperatures, plentiful rainfall, and rich soil creates an ideal environment for thriving coffee plants and ensures a plentiful harvest year after year.

Preserved Land;
Within the 50-hectare property, there are already 33 hectares registered with FONAFIFO which is a government forest protection agency that pays to protect the land. They pay 34,000 colones ($64) per hectare so the 50-hectare property already makes 1,112,000 ( $2000) passively per year. Once the 300-hectare property is registered it is eligible for the program.

Rustic Cabins; Within the boundaries of the 50-hectare parcel lie two rustic cabins that need some love. These charming retreats serve as places to unwind after exploring the captivating wonders of the farm.

Nature: Nature lovers and those seeking adventure will be amazed, by the feature of this property – Costa Rica’s third-highest waterfall, which runs along its borders. Imagine yourself indulging in picnics, near the waterfall or simply immersing yourself in the tranquility of this beauty.

The stunning waterfall on the property is a gem that will mesmerize nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It’s the 3rd tallest waterfall in Costa Rica and borders the land offering a picturesque setting for picnics or simply enjoying the peacefulness of this remarkable natural wonder. There is abundant water from the river and springs on both properties.

Surrounded by protected forests this farm is a haven for a range of wildlife and plant species. Birdwatchers in particular will be thrilled by the abundance of life that calls this area home.

Conveniently situated 30 minutes away from Santa Maria de Dota and within a 2-hour drive from San Jose this farm offers an excellent balance between seclusion and accessibility. You can relish the tranquility of life while still being close to amenities.

This farm holds potential for eco-tourism and agro-tourism ventures due to its beauty, diverse wildlife habitat, and proximity to attractions, like the magnificent waterfall. Just picture the opportunity to generate an income by sharing the breathtaking beauty of your land with people, from, all over the globe.

Make sure you don’t pass up on this chance to own a piece of Costa Rica paradise. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who adores coffee appreciates nature or dreams of becoming an eco entrepreneur. This farm opens up possibilities for you.

Option to buy an adjacent 4.2 hectare coffee farm for $150,000 if you are looking to expand your coffee business.

Property Features

  • Acreage
  • Coffee Farm
  • Mountain View
  • River Access
  • River View
  • Waterfalls