Discover the magic of 247 Ancestral Energy Acres, a stunning farm located just 30 minutes from the charming town of San Vito. Positioned at a refreshing 1000 meters above sea level, this tranquil haven offers a cool climate and rejuvenating weather, creating an idyllic retreat in the peaceful countryside.

Unveiling its secrets on a tour with the owner, you’ll realize why it’s called Ancestral Energy. The land holds the majesty of La Amistad National Park views, and the streams unveil the secrets of centuries past. One stream cradles beautiful round stones left by the aborigines, while the other showcases how ancestral inhabitants shaped the land with carefully crafted basins. Contact me to witness the wonders of this land with your own eyes.

Accessing this heaven is a breeze with a well-maintained road, ensuring a smooth journey as gentle as the meadow breeze. Springs on the property provide pure water, enhancing its natural allure and life-giving energy.

The farm offers numerous buildable spots, each resembling a blank canvas for your dreams. Panoramic views extend endlessly, encapsulating the spirit of La Amistad National Park, a vast area spanning 400,000 hectares across Costa Rica and Panama.

A mere 10-minute drive from the town’s paved roads, the farm strikes a perfect balance between accessibility and a tranquil escape. Open fields invite opportunities for cattle farming, permaculture experiments, or reforestation initiatives. Intertwined with the landscape are untouched natural forests, creating a haven for those seeking relaxation, yoga, or spiritual retreats—a space to connect with nature and oneself.

At the farm’s highest point, a breathtaking 320º view of the mountains awaits. It’s a vantage point to stand, marvel, and feel the timeless beauty that surrounds you—a natural spectacle that transcends time.

This 247-acre farm, with its springs, natural beauty, and limitless potential, invites dreamers, seekers, and creators to leave their mark and find solace in its boundless charm.

Property Features

  • Farm Property
  • Horse Facilities
  • Ranch Property