Finca La Paz – Your 320-acre Mountain Sanctuary in Piedras Blancas

Embark on a journey of unparalleled remoteness and natural splendor as you discover Finca La Paz, an expansive 320-acre property nestled in the serene landscape of Piedras Blancas. This massive farm, covering 130 hectares, is a harmonious blend of lush primary and secondary forests, agricultural zones, and vast grazing areas. At its zenith stands an untamed mountain, home to a diverse array of wildlife, and surrounded by cascading ravines and streams that paint a picturesque scene.

Key Features:

Untamed Beauty: Predominantly covered by primary and secondary forests, Finca La Paz is a haven for nature enthusiasts, featuring an untamed mountain and flowing streams throughout the property.

Versatile Accessibility: A public road traverses the estate, connecting various construction sites and offering the potential for additional roads, opening up further construction opportunities.

Diverse Land Use: Currently utilized for cattle ranching, agriculture, and forest preservation, this property opens doors to endless possibilities. Whether envisioning a yoga retreat, a self-sufficient permaculture property, or a serene mountain home, the climate with fresh mountain breezes adds to the allure.
Sustainable Living:

Abundant Water Sources: Numerous springs and small rivers crisscross the land, providing vital drinking water, sustaining domestic animals, and irrigating crops. A vast grazing area is ideal for various animals, and fertile lands are conducive to cultivating a variety of crops and tropical fruits.
Nature Immersion:

Breathtaking Water Features: Immerse yourself in enchanting waterfalls formed by the river and natural springs, forging a profound connection with nature and experiencing newfound vitality in this breathtaking natural paradise.

Ideal Location for Retreat or Resort: Convenient Access: Less than a 40-minute drive from the paved road in Sinai, this property is ideal for those passionate about sustainable living and seeking tranquility in the mountains.

Craft Your Dream Haven: Seize the opportunity to make Finca La Paz your own, crafting a life immersed in the beauty and tranquility of this mountain escape. Turn this property into your dream haven—call now!

Ground Use:
Cattle, Forest Reserve, Agriculture, Tourism, Reforestation, Eco-tourism, Sustainability.

Water stream/creek, Big waterfalls, Small waterfalls, Water spring during the rainy season, Water spring during the dry season.

The property is reached through a public municipal road.

Land Use:
24 hectares for pasture, 13 hectares for cultivation, and 93.4 hectares of mountains.

Water Sources:
Three springs, an intermediate-sized stream, and an additional smaller stream.

No public water service, but multiple springs for potential surface water concession. Solar panels effectively supply energy for lighting and phone charging.

Excellent mountain views, a 50-meter-high waterfall, tranquil surrounding communities, and a peaceful environment.

Property Features

  • Farm Property
  • Horse Facilities
  • Ranch Property
  • Solar Off Grid