Discover a haven of tranquillity in the heart of Chimirol de Rivas, Costa Rica, as this exceptional 36-acre land parcel unfolds a world of possibilities. With an extensive frontage along a meticulously maintained public road, this prime canvas invites a diverse range of ventures, from commercial endeavors to crafting the residence of your dreams.

Elevated at 3,707 feet, this land promises an elevated living experience, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Valle del General. Immerse yourself in a landscape adorned with winding trails through mature trees, lush native flora, and an enchanting primary forest. The crisp, refreshing climate adds to the allure, creating a rejuvenating escape from the tropical lowlands.

A standout feature is the land’s border along the enchanting Chucuyo River, infusing the property with a soothing natural charm.

Blessed with fertile soil, the land presents limitless potential for reforestation projects, enabling you to contribute to the preservation of Costa Rica’s precious ecosystems. For those inclined toward agriculture, the land is well-suited for farming endeavors, offering opportunities to cultivate a variety of crops while embracing sustainable practices.

Yet, the allure extends further. Envision crafting an eco-community, a harmonious enclave where like-minded individuals share a passion for living in concert with nature. This expansive canvas, with its ample space and breathtaking backdrop, provides the ideal foundation for such a visionary project.

Nestled near the highest point in Costa Rica, this location offers a rare opportunity to connect with the country’s natural wonders. The land serves as a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, hosting various mammal species, a vibrant array of hummingbirds, and an abundance of avian life. Nature enthusiasts and conservationists will find themselves in a paradise worthy of exploration and protection.

This land, with its myriad features and untapped potential, presents an extraordinary opportunity to claim a piece of Costa Rica’s unspoiled beauty. It’s a blank canvas, awaiting your vision and dreams. Seize this chance to become a part of the extraordinary landscape of Chimirol de Rivas, where nature’s magnificence and boundless potential converge in perfect harmony.

Property Features

  • River Access