This amazing property, situated 15 minutes away from one of Costa Rica’s most exquisite cities, holds immense potential for residential development. Located 10 kilometres from Pérez Town it offers privacy and a convenient setting. The property is surrounded by a reserve offering breathtaking views and features a small river that meanders through the land along with a precious water spring.

Spanning across 21 acres this farm predominantly consists of cattle fields (around 90%). Also boasts 10% green forest. With its views, favorable topography, and pleasant weather conditions it presents an opportunity for those seeking the perfect blend of nature and comfort. The owner has already created three platforms. Established pathways that traverse the property.

Pérez Town has emerged as an up-and-coming city since the early ’90s. Has now become one of the urban centeres in southern Costa Rica. Recognized as "El Valle del General ” (The Valley of the General) this city has experienced growth over the two decades—a phenomenon unmatched by any other city in Costa Rica. Nestled amidst a mountain range and bordered by Chirripo National Park, home, to Central America’s highest peak this valley is truly enchanting.

Pérez is becoming a destination for people from all over the world as it is only a 35-minute drive from Dominical Beach and 3 hours from San José.