In Golfito, understanding the layout is key. Let me summarize what I’ve shared in other American Zone listings.

Golfito rose as the epicenter of the Banana Company Empire back in the ’40s, with homes sprouting up during that era too.

This area is considered a location in Golfito tailored for white-collar executives. The proximity to the airstrip, 300 meters away, adds to its allure. Surrounding the airstrip was a nine-hole golf course with three pars, a country club, a swimming pool, and tennis courts. Times!

Presently, it stands out as the neighborhood in Golfito that offers space around its residences. The plots typically span a quarter-acre each. There were mainly two types of homes. Two bedroom and three bedroom layouts. With some being more spacious. My personal preference leans towards the three-bedroom homes; they exude an airiness that aligns well with American standards.

This residence boasts proportions. Features wooden flooring throughout. Embodying a classic style synonymous with its era of origin. The architectural essence of these Banana Company dwellings often evoked Key West vibes.
The spacious enclosed deck at the back of the house is a treat. It’s an area that not every home around here boasts. I believe mornings or evenings when its cooler would be the best times to enjoy it, especially if you have a hammock and BBQ set up.

Two of the bedrooms share a bathroom, which’s pretty standard for homes like this. The third bedroom, also known as the’master’ bedroom, has a bathroom that’s quite large and even includes a Jacuzzi. This home has potential. Could turn into something truly stunning after some renovations. While its nice as it is now, imagine how much better it could be once remodeled!

The ground floor provides access to two apartments, one with two bedrooms and another with one bedroom. Both are currently occupied. Turning them into Airbnb rentals could maximize income since they’re in high demand in the American Zone.

There’s a covered parking area for three cars or toys, with space even for a boat on a trailer. Our bay of Golfito and Gulf of Dulce are attractions in this area. The Gulf is simply amazing with its whales, dolphins, and opportunities for exploration.
The Golfo Dulce is known as a fjord, with a yearly temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a highly unique biome. This region boasts seventeen protected reserves, covering three percent of Costa Rica’s land area, and is home to half of the country’s flora and fauna. With a rainfall of five to six meters, the ecosystem comprises both terrestrial habitats. The Golfo Dulce attracts whale species for breeding and nurturing their young.

The house is conveniently located just a kilometer away from the New Marina, where exciting new opportunities are unfolding. The marina is currently leasing space for around 20 shops, creating a lively ‘village’ atmosphere with cafes, restaurants, an ice cream parlor, and even an outdoor music kiosk.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the atmosphere in Golfito—it’s time to consider investing here!

Property Features

  • Close to Schools, Shopping and Restaurants