Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of Costa Rica’s Puntarenas Province, the Gulf View Gallardo Farm, presents an irresistible opportunity for those seeking a romantic and charming property. This expansive 50,000 square meter (12.36-acre) estate is situated in the picturesque Canton of Golfito, within the Puerto Jiménez district, near the quiet town of Gallardo.

As you approach along a private street, the property’s romantic charm becomes evident. The Gulf View Gallardo Farm boasts an undulated primary topography that graciously unveils breathtaking panoramic views of the gulf.

Majestic primary and secondary forests embrace the land, creating an atmosphere of natural wonder. Dotted throughout the estate, a variety of fruit trees, timber trees, and edible plants contribute to the property’s allure, whispering promises of sustainable living and serenity.

This property’s thoughtful planning and development potential are highlighted by its dual vocations. While ideally suited for a captivating tourism development that capitalizes on the pristine beauty of the surroundings, the Gulf View Gallardo Farm also offers prospects for a dreamy residential retreat.

Municipal water, well water, and spring water sources ensure a bountiful supply, while electricity and cellular network availability bring modern convenience to this charming escape. Nearby amenities, including schools, supermarkets, health centers, and even banks, provide practicality to this romantic haven.

The Gulf View Gallardo Farm isn’t just a property; it’s an embodiment of Costa Rica’s natural splendor and potential for a life steeped in romance and tranquility. Whether you envision a tourist haven or your own private paradise, this property stands as a testament to the romantic allure of Costa Rica’s landscapes.


– Ocean View Property
– Easy access
– No four-wheel drive is needed
– Access by public road
– Close to restaurants, stores, and amenities (10-15 min)
– Titled land
– Secondary Forest
– Ideal for Tourism or residential development
– Can be sold in individual lots of 1-hectare

Property Features

  • Cabinas