In the Costa Verde Estates, located along the picturesque southern coast of Costa Rica, this residence embodies luxurious living intertwined with eco-friendly practices. Residents can relish a lifestyle by offering access to top-notch amenities such as a helipad, tennis court, gym, security gate with a guard, high-speed internet, park, and clubhouse.

This exceptional property spans over 2.5 acres with a building area, and almost all of it is land. The panoramic views of the whale’s tail and the stunning sunset add to its charm, encouraging residents to embrace nature’s beauty. Situated perfectly to catch the captivating twilight hues, the property encourages a bond with the surroundings for a living experience.

This property includes a black bamboo greenhouse designed by renowned architect James Wolfe. Blending style with functionality, the greenhouse showcases the property’s commitment to living and well-being. Inside its walls, a range of plant medicines and delicious fruits and vegetables thrive, offering residents organic produce right at their fingertips.
This property’s blend of luxury, nature, and sustainable living intertwines, providing a space that emphasizes comfort and environmental responsibility. By incorporating principles, the land is carefully. It is maintained to support a balanced ecosystem that benefits the residents and local wildlife alike.

Emphasizing the importance of security ensures that residents enjoy peace and privacy within this secluded community. A solid commitment to safety offers a sense of ease, allowing residents to unwind and relish in their piece of paradise.

In summary, this property presents an opportunity to embrace living harmharmonizedh a sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle. Enveloped by the beauty of a permaculture setting and enhanced with conveniences, it provides residents with the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds in an exclusive environment.

Property Features

  • Gated Community
  • Mountain Properties