Seize the opportunity to own a sprawling 8011 square meter (approximately 2 acres) lot within the secure confines of Alazan, a prestigious gated community in Parrita, Costa Rica. This remarkable property offers breathtaking views of the Parrita River and the expansive Pacific Ocean, providing a stunning backdrop for your dream retreat.

Nestled in the lush Costa Rican landscape, this parcel offers a privileged vantage point to witness the diverse wildlife inhabiting the region. Picture scarlet macaws soaring gracefully overhead, toucans darting amongst the verdant foliage, and squirrel monkeys navigating the canopy above.

For a limited time, this property is available for $100,000 less in combination with the Two Newly Built One-Bedroom Homes in the Gated Community . This offering provides a rare opportunity to create a genuinely exceptional coastal lifestyle within the prestigious Alazan community.

Whether you dream of a private sanctuary surrounded by tropical flora or a luxurious estate with unparalleled views, this property offers endless possibilities to immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica while enjoying the comforts of modern living.

Property Features

  • Gated Community