One of a kind!

Breezy terraces with beautiful ocean views, above the fray of Dominical Beach—but only a 10 minute drive away!

There is no boutique hotel or eco-resort to service Dominical, known the world over for its surf and other precious qualities, which could compare to the privileged combination of silence, freshness, ocean views, and exclusiveness offered by this location 1,000 feet above the sea—nor in the stretch between Manuel Antonio and Uvita, for that matter.

A new private road to the beach has recently been opened, for the exclusive use of this site and a small group of ex-pat residential neighbors.

This site is an obvious choice for a visionary eco-developer or hotel owner, and we don’t expect it to last long on the market.

The small city of Uvita with access to banking, dentistry, urgent medical care, etc. is only 25 minutes away.

There couldn’t be a better opportunity in the Dominical area.

Graced with ocean views seen from under tree canopies, and with adjacent private waterfalls, buildings can be separate and private, situated on the various already existing terraces.

We are very excited to have this site on offer. We can foresee the Dominical area go up a notch—or a few—with a thoughtful project implemented on this unique location by new owners. They may find themselves adding a quiet landmark that will help consolidate Dominical as one of the best-kept secrets in the world.

This area of Costa Rica is where the mountains meet the sea (like, for example, in Malibu CA), yet it is so incredibly pristine.

One basically finds green mountains, and blue ocean and sky, as far as the eye can see—and it is available at Costa Rica´s comparatively bargain prices, well situated in reference to nearby towns and beaches, with infrastructure of roads, electricity, water, and internet.

You will love the ocean, waterfall, and valley views from this beautiful property!

Property Features

  • Acreage
  • Beach Properties
  • Multiple Constructions Sites