Nestled in the heart of Southern Costa Rica, where the lush greenery meets the Pacific Ocean this stunning home showcases exquisite architectural design. Surrounded by the lush landscape that this region is known for, this property serves as a retreat accessible via well-kept public roads. It seamlessly combines luxury with the charm of Costa Rican architecture. The main house represents a blend of elegance and the serene atmosphere of Southern Costa Rica’s surroundings.

Upon entering you are greeted by a living dining kitchen area that embodies Rican warmth and hospitality. The layout is carefully planned to optimize both functionality and visual appeal while natural light filters through the windows highlighting the craftsmanship throughout.

The two cosy bedrooms offer tranquil spaces inspired by getaways providing a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Each of the two bathrooms reflects the beauty of the environment and comes equipped with all the amenities needed for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.
The terrace outside is an oasis of peace, an outdoor retreat where the soft murmurs of the nearby rainforest and the gentle breeze come together to create a serene sanctuary.

Every detail of the house’s design exudes strength and sophistication. The walls are made of cement blocks, for durability and a polished look while modern plastic slat ceilings and luxurious flooring add a touch of style throughout.

The unique architectural features of the property offer a resilient exterior that blends seamlessly with Costa Rica’s vibrant landscape. The practical zinc roofing, complete with gutters and downspouts ensures the home remains pristine in the face of the region’s changing weather conditions.

The house’s structural integrity is unmatched with foundations and reinforced concrete providing stability and assurance amid the surroundings. The masonry elements showcase a balance between aesthetics and practicality honoring Rican architectural traditions.

Carefully designed mechanical systems include an efficient drainage system, with a septic tank and plumbing installations tailored for optimal performance. The electrical systems are also well thought out with placed lighting fixtures, power outlets, and internet access points seamlessly integrating conveniences into this tropical retreat.

This place isn’t a house; it’s a sanctuary of design and safety designed for individuals who appreciate the mix of coziness, elegance, and practicality. It serves as an option for those looking for a notch living space set in the strategic yet peaceful charm of Southern Costa Rica.

Property Features

  • Fully Furnished
  • Pool