Step into paradise in Tres Rios, Costa Rica! This remarkable property presents a blend of peace, natural splendor, and the charm of mountain views. Situated amidst a jungle backdrop this spacious and level-cleared space serves as the foundation for your dream residence offering unmatched seclusion and a deep connection with the environment.

While navigating through the property you’ll be spellbound by the awe-inspiring views of the jungle and towering peaks. Revel in the tranquillity of a location where no other residences disrupt the scenery enabling you to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Costa Rica’s landscapes.

Numerous potential building locations provide flexibility to craft a home that seamlessly integrates with the land’s topography ensuring that every angle captures the spirit of this haven.

This sanctuary is not just visually appealing but practical as essential services are conveniently accessible, on-site streamlining the process of realizing your vision for a home.
Imagine your getaway. Whether it’s a sanctuary or an eco-friendly oasis. or a luxurious retreat. This property offers the perfect setting for a fulfilling life in one of Costa Rica’s most desirable areas.

Take advantage of the chance to claim this slice of heaven as your own, where the harmonious sounds of the jungle blend with the whispers of the Pacific Ocean. Embrace the lifestyle you’ve always longed for in this captivating corner of Tres Rios. Your blank canvas awaits; let your masterpiece unfold.

Discovering Tres Rios
Tres Rios has long been a sought-after community where nature harmonizes with living. With maintained roads for access and top-notch security for peace of mind, it’s an ideal place to call home.

Exclusively available to residents Tres Rios provides access to three enchanting rivers, each adorned with swimming spots and cascading waterfalls. This special privilege turns your property into a gateway leading to paradises enticing you to explore Costa Rica’s wonders.

For those who cherish nature, Tres Rios is a haven. Your property offers no seclusion. Also serves as a starting point for endless outdoor pursuits from jungle treks to tranquil moments, by waterfalls.

In Tres Rios, life beckons you to relish the unspoiled beauty that envelops you.
Experience the mix of comfort, safety, and private riverfront access at this residence. Tres Rios isn’t a house; it’s a fusion of opulence and the great outdoors. Step into a world where luxurious living is a form of art.

Property Features

  • Commercial
  • Multiple Constructions Sites
  • River Access