Orotina 4 Esquinas refers to a specific intersection in the town of Orotina, located in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. The intersection is where four main roads in the town meet, and it is a common reference point for locals and visitors when giving directions or navigating around the town.

At Orotina 4 Esquinas, you can find a variety of shops, restaurants, and other businesses, as well as a number of small parks and plazas. The intersection is a hub of activity in the town, and it is a popular gathering place for locals to socialize and relax.

Orotina 4 Esquinas is also a common stop for buses and other public transportation that travels through the town, making it a convenient location for those who need to catch a ride to other parts of Costa Rica. Overall, Orotina 4 Esquinas is an important landmark and meeting point in the town of Orotina.

A farm of 15 hectares (37 acres), located in a place full of peace and tranquility in Orotina, 50 minutes from the airport and 7 minutes from the town of Orotina and San Mateo. The farm has a variety of fruit trees such as mango, papaya, lemon and tangerine, and etc.
It has a main house with two spacious rooms, each one has its own bathroom. Kitchen. Balcony. Ranch with two pools. It has a ramp for the disabled. BBQ area. Field for football or any other activity. The property has levels and space to build other houses or cabins.

Property Features

  • Air conditioning (A/C)>Air Conditioning (Split)
  • Community Discription>24 hour security
  • Includes>Backyard
  • Includes>Balcony
  • Includes>Furnished
  • Includes>Wi-fi
  • Location & View>Close to town
  • Location & View>Great View
  • Parking>Open Garage
  • Pool>Private Swimming Pool