These farm is called “Viento Lindo” and is located in the little town of Tres Priedras. The property has little ocean views, reforestation trees & streams. It is about a 20 minute drive from the Platanillo that is the town going up towards San Isidro, Drive time from Dominical—30-40 minutes. Another thing you will love about that farm is how you can head down to the beach, Dominical, or San Isidro in the morning and be back the same day.

In the farm were originally planted about 5,000 trees and maintained for about 3 years, but did poor job and only about 1,500 reforestation trees remain, most too close to streams to be usable for wood, it was the original idea for the investment, along with reforestation objectives.

Both electricity and water run right along the road and at least 3 plantels are in easy flat places to build upon, 2 with pocket ocean views. The whole farm has a small waterfall and a couple of streams, and of course the big reforestation project with lots of fruit trees and rare tropical hardwoods. Don’t let pass it great opportunity !!!