Tinamastes boasts a climate featuring temperatures and invigorating breezes all year round. This makes it a perfect spot for embracing living and immersing oneself in the splendor of the area surrounded by diverse wildlife, lush greenery, and tranquil vistas. Residing in such a setting allows for a bond with nature and the chance to engage in outdoor pursuits like hiking, birdwatching, and tending to gardens.

The property’s secluded position likely offers views of the landscape showcasing verdant forests undulating hills and perhaps even distant glimpses of the ocean. Waking up to scenery each morning is bound to be a source of joy.
Being located at the end of a road adds an element of seclusion and privacy to the property. This ensures that one can relish peace without any disturbance from passing vehicles or close neighbors.

The presence of a cabin, house, and inviting swimming pool instantly enhances the livability and comfort of the property. Whether you seek an abode, a vacation getaway, or an income-generating opportunity through rentals these amenities offer flexibility and ease.

The garage provides parking for vehicles shielding them from the elements while also offering storage space as needed.
The presence of areas for constructing buildings opens up possibilities for expansion or growth. Whether you’re thinking about adding cabins to generate income or building a larger residential complex these available sites offer flexibility for future endeavors.

In general, this property in Tinamastes offers a chance to own a piece of paradise in the countryside of Costa Rica. Its prime location, with the beach and the main city of San Isidro just a 25-minute drive away in either direction along with its amenities and potential, for development truly makes it a valuable find worth considering for those looking for a getaway.

Property Features

  • Cabinas
  • Fully Furnished
  • Main Home or Guest House
  • Mountain Properties
  • Pool