Ojochal, a thriving real estate market nestled in the heart of tropical allure, is the ideal destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Renowned for its international charm, the town beckons expats and tourists with world-class dining, yoga studios, fitness centers, shops, and more. Ojochal is a true jungle town, where mountain streams and lush canopies of towering trees create a distinctive ‘jungle village’ vibe. Toucans, scarlet macaws, monkeys, sloths, and vibrant butterflies add to the enchanting Ojochal experience!

This expansive lot fully embraces its sought-after surroundings. One end of the property borders a pristine mountain river, surrounded by towering rainforest trees. The river offers clean and cool waters with numerous swimming holes for refreshing dips on warm afternoons. Thanks to Costa Rica’s strict environmental regulations, the jungle surrounding the river remains undisturbed, ensuring everlasting rainforest views and ambiance. On the other end, the land opens up, revealing panoramic views of the majestic coastal mountains soaring over 1,000 metrers (3,300 feet) above Ojochal.

The mountains, draped in old-growth jungles and often shrouded in mist, boast cloud forests on their upper slopes, creating surreal vistas. Seasonal waterfalls cascade down the nearly vertical flanks, adding to the dramatic landscape.

The development possibilities are virtually limitless on this generous lot. Accommodate a large house, a spacious swimming pool/patio, and a substantial green area for a garden or orchard. Alternatively, utilize the additional land for a home office, yoga platform, or jacuzzi, or construct guest houses or cabins. Entrepreneurial opportunities abound, whether it’s a café, restaurant, or short- or long-term accommodation options.

With accessible high-speed internet and available electricity and legal water on the property, development can commence promptly. In a red-hot town like Ojochal, an offering like this is a rare gem. Don’t hesitate – seize the opportunity to turn this extraordinary property into your private paradise!

Property Features

  • River Access