Step into your piece of heaven! This enchanting 38.9-acre farm is a treasure trove of beauty featuring six crystal water springs and a charming river meandering through the land. Witness mesmerizing sunsets painting the sky as the sun sets behind the mountains. Take a dip in the river’s waters sourced directly from the Chirripó National Park mountains. They are renowned for their pristine quality, offering secluded swimming spots and natural clay walls that can revitalize your skin.

At the core of this property stands a 15-meter, 22-meter expansive circular ranch made from sturdy metal and concrete. It is surrounded by a peaceful artificial fish pond and a delightful bamboo forest just a short stroll from the river. The construction of this structure cost $175,000. The ranch includes two cozy cabins for the farm caretaker or temporary living quarters during any development projects.

Only one spring, which provides a water supply throughout the year, needs to be utilized. It features a water tank and pump system that caters to all water needs across this property.

This exceptional type of bamboo, known for its strength and versatility, is highly valued in the construction industry due to its height and size. It is also in demand for sale at premium prices. Its fast growth rate allows you to use it for building on the property or sell it for profit, knowing it will replenish quickly.

Situated in San Ignacio, a thriving community with over 50 expat residences, this farm offers a setting for living or running a retreat business. Notably, the renowned Alta Gracias Hotel attracts celebrities who choose to vacation, putting this area on the map. Moreover, there is an airport 3km away catering to small planes, which could bring potential clients in the future. Recently, a bilingual school was established in the area to provide top-notch education for expat families residing 15 minutes from this farm.

The appealing aspect of this property is its development potential.
This property offers spaces, some as significant, as a soccer field while others are ideal for building cosy cabins or homes surrounded by picturesque forests and mountain vistas. Just a short stroll away lies the tranquil river, where you can relax in its pools. Moreover over 50 fruit trees have been planted on the land expected to bear fruit within two years. Around 20 citrus trees yield fruits, adding to the property’s charm. A designed internal road connects all parts of the estate, streamlining much of the development work.

This property is a canvas for creating your retreat center, with personal touches that will transform it into a dream destination. Feel free to reach out for details, schedule a visit and immerse yourself in exploring this property on foot.

Property Features

  • Cabinas
  • Creek on Property
  • Farm Property