Introducing Serenity Gardens Eco-Village: A Holistic Retreat in Costa Rica’s Talamanca Mountain Foothills

Discover a tranquil sanctuary in the heart of Costa Rica’s lush Talamanca Mountain Foothills with this 1-acre eco-wonderland in Serenity Gardens Eco Village. Nestled at an elevation of 2000 feet, this property offers a serene retreat for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a holistic lifestyle away from the chaos of urban living.

The Retreat Center

At the heart of the property lies a wellness oasis featuring three interconnected geodesic domes. These unique structures, with their stunning glass inlays and thatched palm roofs, create an open and sacred space perfect for yoga, meditation, and ceremonies. Below, a spacious terrace awaits customization for an open-air kitchen and storage.


In addition to the central retreat space, two standalone domes offer cozy lodging for guests, providing a serene and unique stay.

Family Residence

Adjacent to the retreat center is a three-story family home designed for peaceful living. The main floor features two bedrooms, including a grand master suite and a charming children’s room. The well-appointed kitchen with granite countertops flows into a cozy lounge area, leading to a breezy terrace with a handcrafted Guanacaste dining table. The lower floor boasts a studio apartment with a king-sized bed, ensuite bath, and terrace. The top floor includes an additional apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, and hallway office, perfect for remote work.

Nature’s Sanctuary

A wooden rancho between the structures overlooks a tranquil creek bordering the property, creating a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The cooler climate at this elevation supports a diverse range of flora, enriching your connection with nature.

Community and Accessibility

Situated just 15 minutes south of Ojochal and a short drive from Cortes, Serenity Gardens Eco Village offers a secluded yet accessible lifestyle. The community values long-term relationships and a shared love for nature. Nearby essential amenities like hospitals, grocery stores, and banks ensure convenience, while stunning beaches are just a short drive away.

Views and Vistas

Wake up to breathtaking views of the ocean and pristine jungle every day, reminding you of the beauty and tranquility that surround you in this eco-wonderland.

Property Features

  • Fully Furnished
  • Main Home or Guest House
  • Pool