This small lot is situated in San Buenas de Coronado, a 10-minute drive from Tres Rios and 25 minutes from Uvita.

The plot spans an area of 3153 feet. Offers ample space for constructing a building of approximately 150 square meters. There’s also room for a backyard and parking space for two vehicles. If you opt for a two-story design you can effectively double the floor space.

This property boasts the advantage of being located near amenities. Within a distance, you’ll find Uvita, which is currently experiencing growth and offers all necessary amenities. To the south lies Ciudad Cortes while beyond it are the hills of Tres Rios, where many residents and vacation homes can be found.

San Buenas is renowned for its production of rambutan, rice, and other crops. The land here is incredibly fertile making it ideal for cultivating fruits and vegetables. With its plains to the mangroves along the Terraba River, it also provides excellent grounds, for farming and cattle grazing.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this town. Potentially make it your own home.