Located in peaceful Hatillo, only seven minutes away from Dominical, this property offers a unique opportunity for potential home builders and investors alike! With multiple building areas present, you’ll be able to take advantage of the great views of the mountains surrounding the property – partially towards the ocean – as well as access to water and electricity, making it ideal for a dream home or income-generating rental/retreat center! Plus, a year-round creek runs at the back of the property, adding to its beauty and privacy regardless of the season! Read on for more details regarding this incredible opportunity!

For starters, this property is super private, located on a well-maintained easement road providing easy access with no disturbances. The large building pad provides beautiful views of both the mountains and a partial ocean view while being surrounded by secondary and primary forests within its boundaries; adding to its exclusivity even more! Additionally, there is access to water and electricity; making it ready for whatever project you may have in mind without having to worry about major infrastructure setup costs! And lastly, a year-round creek runs at the back of the property – perfect for taking in nature’s sounds during sunrise/sunset or just laying outside on your hammock enjoying a relaxing afternoon!

Now that we’ve covered all that this unique piece of land has to offer; let’s dive into some ways in which you can make use of it! Firstly, if you’re looking for somewhere special to build your dream home; look no further than here! With ample space available in multiple building areas combined with access to water/electricity; all that’s left is your vision – allowing you complete control over how your new home will turn out exactly as you imagined it would! Secondly, for those who are interested in more commercial endeavors such as creating an income-generating rental or retreat center; this is also an excellent choice due to its location near Dominical (which attracts tourists throughout most months) as well as its privacy factor – allowing guests full relaxation away from noise distractions commonly present during peak season times elsewhere along Costa Rica’s coastlines!

If you’re looking for a tranquil piece of land ready for whatever project comes your way; look no further than this incredible spot located near Hatillo with easy access from Dominical! With gorgeous views surrounding multiple building areas combined with access to water/electricity plus a year-round creek running nearby; what could be better? Whether you’re looking for somewhere special and private enough to build your dream home or create an income-generating rental or retreat center – this is definitely one spot worthy enough to check out further if either option appeals to you!