This property is truly exceptional featuring 840 fruit trees of types with a focus on avocado and plantain crops. It includes 350 avocado trees of nine varieties, as well as 295 banana plants and sixteen other types of fruit. The farm is equipped with a gravity-fed irrigation system that utilizes pipes running throughout the property to draw water from a stream and a storage tank located at the point of the farm. Water availability is not an issue on this property thanks to a spring protected by a forest at the base.

Moreover, there is a caretaker’s house on site where the caretaker responsible for farm upkeep resides and is willing to continue working with the owner. The farm offers views of the country’s mountains and the Chirripo range along with plenty of space for building the main residence and charming cabins in the lower part of the farm, near the stream. An internal road connects all areas of this property.
There is also a pigpen, on the land that is fully permitted, for animals or as a storage facility for fruits.

These 850 trees produce fruits at times of the year providing a continuous variety of fruits throughout all seasons due to their diverse fruiting schedules. All the trees are young and fruitful.

Take advantage of this opportunity! Arrange a visit today before someone else grabs this property. Don’t hesitate any longer to secure your place in this paradise at a price!

Fruit Trees; 841
4 Abiu
1 Chestnut
5 Starfruit
4 Soursop
2 Peruvian Guava
14 Mesino Lemon
2 Sweet Lemon
5 Orange
12 Acidic Tangerine
2 Sweet Tangerine
5 Mango
and more…Plantain
32 Bananas

350 Avocado trees

Avocado Varieties;
1. Green Catalina
2. Purple Catalina
3. Puerto Rico
4. Volcano
5. Simun
6. Simpson
7. Cajalook
8. Polak
9. Book 7

Property Features

  • Additional Space to build
  • Farm Property