This piece of land spans across 10 hectares and remains one of the largest uninterrupted tracts of property in Matapalo.

The property stretches from the beach to the mountains with a perennial stream running through it. It features a mix of rainforest regenerating secondary growth and meticulously maintained gardens.

Along its 600 meters of shoreline lies Matapalo, a renowned surf break that challenges experienced surfers. Other famous local surf spots include Pan Dulce, known for its point break, and Backwash, a beach break.

On the side of the gulf is Pavones, an acclaimed area boasting the longest left-breaking wave in the Northern Hemisphere. It truly is a paradise for surfers!

However, beyond its appeal to water enthusiasts, Osa Peninsula is also home to biodiversity. This unique region hosts 2.5% of all plant and animal species found worldwide—both on land and at sea.

While exploring this area you can expect sightings of mammals such as coatis, agoutis, four different monkey species, raccoons, opossums, sloths, anteaters, and peccaries. Some elusive nocturnal creatures, like mountain lions, tapirs, ocelots, jaguars, and more are harder to spot without camera traps.

The diverse bird population in this area is truly remarkable featuring macaws, toucans, frigate birds, brown pelicans, and countless other species. It’s a place that wildlife enthusiasts would love!

Apart from the activities of surfing and surfing lessons, there is a standing tradition of organized tree climbing in Matapalo. Additionally, you can try your hand at waterfall rappelling.

A distance away there are organised horseback tours available for you to enjoy. If you’re up for experiences you can also opt for recreational gold mining, birding tours, chocolate tours, mangrove kayaking, and snorkeling. and scuba diving. It’s truly a paradise for those seeking extreme sports!

The crystal clear blue waters located 5 km off the coast of Matapalo Point are known to be one of the habitats for sailfish in the world. This has earned the region its deserved reputation, as a sportfishing haven.

For fishing enthusiasts looking for catch-and-release excitement, there are opportunities to target sailfish as well as blue and white marlin.. If you’re looking to bring something delicious for dinner, yellowfin tuna mahi mahi and wahoo are also plentiful.

Inshore fishing options include catching black snapper cubera snapper yellow snapper snook roosterfish amberjack African pompano sea bass jack crevalle among many other species. They eagerly await your bait enticing them from below.

Prefer a fishing experience? Just head towards the water to this property, where the Matapalo rock is famously known as Jurassic Park because of the snappers and other fish that inhabit its abundant habitat. It’s a paradise for sportfishing!

Although there is a house on this property that has been there for 25 years and serves as the owner’s retreat from the city life of San Jose it hasn’t been extensively developed. In addition to the house, there is also a caretaker’s home.

What makes this property truly special is its grounds just steps away from the beach making it perfect for potential commercial development as an eco-lodge or even transforming it into a collection of homes. Including a main residence and charming bungalows. Creating an exceptional and world-class family compound in paradise!

As it is located beyond the power grid this property relies on power. There are water sources within its boundaries to meet all its water needs.

Certain parts of this property fall under MINAE’s natural patrimony regulations while others are under jurisdiction. It holds a municipal use permit for its extension and possesses full ownership rights behind the maritime zone.

This property truly stands out as an awe-inspiring gem in every sense. The asking price is $5 million or $26, per metre.

Are you, in search of a beautiful haven to claim as your own? Your search can stop here because it doesn’t get any better than this!

Property Features:

– Mountains
– Beachfront
– Ocean View
– Mountain View
– Farmland
– Ranchland
– Primary Forest
– Secondary Forest
– Streams
– Waterfalls
– On-site Water
– Structure description:2-story, 2-bedroom, 1-1/2 bath
– Access: 30-minute drive from town, 4WD recommended

Property Features

  • Beach Properties
  • Extra Building Lot
  • Farm Property
  • Ranch Property
  • Solar Off Grid